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Roof Cleaning in Battle, Bexhill and Hastings

A stained and dirty roof detracts from your home’s curb appeal. No matter what else you do to improve your home’s exterior, those stains can be a major focal point to anyone viewing your property.

Organisms such as algae, lichens, and moss feed off the organic material in your roof shingles. The longer they are allowed to stay on your roof the more damage they will cause. Additionally moss holds water which can cause extensive damage to roofs, tiles and even cause the wood underneath to rot. Our roof cleaning service removes all these organisms and therefore maintains the integrity of your roof.

The integrity of your roof is vital when keeping your home warm and dry but also worth considering is that moisture can cause wood to rot. The odour of rotting wood attracts animals. Having your roof cleaned protects the wood underneath leaving it free from unwanted visitors who can take advantage of rotted wood to find shelter within your property.

Using our softwash technology we are able to not only remove unwanted and unsightly growths from your roof we are also able to remove staining and discolouration and restore the original appearance of both your roof and your property.

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What our Customers say:

James did a really impressive job of restoring my roof tiles to their original state. I was amazed that the staining and mosses that had been present for so many years lifted to reveal the beauty of the tiles as they were originally meant to look. It has transformed the appearance of my property. Definitely a service worth having

Roy, Battle

Had this company recommended by a friend who had great results. Hydra cleaning gave us a great price and did a brilliant job. They removed all the moss which had left our roof completely green. It now looks like new. We are so pleased with the results and are happy to recommend this service to anyone

Mrs. Belfield, Haywards Heath